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portable instruments, perception and communication amplifiers

Prostheses are an interesting interface between the fields of medicine, technology and art. Beyond the idea that a prosthesis is only a medical correction of a physical defect, we have designed prostheses that add an active level of communication to the human body and the passive effects of clothing and jewelry through additional functions.

Through the use of miniaturized light and sound technology, kinetics, sensors and control electronics, portable devices were created that allow the wearer to interact with the environment via light signals, projections and sounds.

A person who becomes a projector has a performative effect on his environment, immersing himself in a socio-cultural space of experience that can be actively shaped. The world and all surfaces contained in it become potential projection surfaces, communicatively open places of showing and exchange, and at the same time demand a confrontation with them.


The ColorSynth is a prosthesis for translating colors into sounds. The wearer is enabled to add a tonal level to his visual color perception. The colors recognized by a finger-worn color detection sensor are sent to an on-the-arm audio synthesizer and can be output for private perceptual enhancement via headphones or, for enhanced communication, via a wearable speaker.

In addition to object colors that can be read with a haptic gesture by brushing the hand over objects, the prosthesis can detect light colors and enrich the evening television program or convert the lighting mood in a room into sounds.

In regard of the complex and highly subjective phenomenon of synaesthesia, there are no specific sounds connected to a certain color but the user can choose between 128 different, synthetically produced instruments that are triggered and modulated by the perceived colors. In addition, it is possible to make further manual settings for the sound modulation in order to immerse in an intensive exchange with the environment.

Das LichtTentakel ist eine Armprothese die es dem Benutzer ermöglicht über Lichtsignale mit der Umgebung zu interagieren. Das Tentakel ist mit sechs LEDs ausgestattet deren Verhalten über Klang und Umgebungshelligkeit moduliert werden kann. Mithilfe auswählbarer und modifizierbarer Leuchtsequenzen können belebte und unbelebte Objekte als animiertes Schattenspiel in die Umgebung projiziert werden.

LichtTentakel GIF


A stroboscope circuit shaped and soldered out of discrete electronic components controls the flashing frequency of the wrist-mounted light sources depending on the surrounding sound. Everyday objects such as paper, fabric scraps, plant parts, etc. rotate at the fingertips in a specific speed. Due to the stroboscopic effect, the rotating objects create surreally moving phenomena in a permanent change.





A contact microphone and electromagnetic radiation sensor are used to acoustically scan surfaces in this wrist-worn prosthesis. The sound is delivered via the internal speaker or a transducer, which transmits the amplified sounds to surfaces and causes them to vibrate. When the microphone and the transducers approach each other, feedbacks are created that can be controlled by hand movement. The resulting sound depends on the surface material and its resonance capability.

The FM-Haube is an audiovisual prosthesis with a folding visor, equipped with two powerful LED, a radio receiver, sensors and a LED display and is worn in front of the face. The user can receive radio frequencies and transmit them into light sequences. The incoming sound signals are modified by light sensors, so that rhythmic processes occur. The sound is either amplified via portable speakers or fed into other instruments.




The ProjektorKröte is a back prosthesis that allows the user to scan the environment with light and transform found objects, plants, railings and furniture into flickering animations and shadow plays. With the control modules carried on the arm joint, LEDs can be moved to different positions on two swivel arms. With the help of an additional control unit, different light frequencies can be set and modified.


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