media an/archæology

media an/archæology

open all these black boxes and closed circuits. destroy and rebuild. space is vast. time is revolving. history is a recycling center. the dominance of the plain and the clean is falling apart. imperfection is calling. reformat reality. with the RaumZeitPiraten workshop “media an/archæology” we boarded a space of the Köln International School of Design and transformed it to an inter/media/space/laboratory/techno/merzbau with the participating students. for one week we worked and lived in a constantly growing multimedia-installation fed on the students sketches, blueprints, documentations and realisations of personalised, optical and acoustical instruments, impossible machines, space-time-bending tools and other mind-winding devices.


Wookseob Jeong 02

Cook Play Music – Wookseob Jeong

Haeri Sung 03

dialogue with the space – Haeri Sung


“…I want to put a microphone here…”


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