optoacoustic cargobikes for urban interventions

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The CycloCopters are custom-built, light and sound emitting vehicles for urban interventions. Different models of old freight bicycles were modifed and customized towards mobile, opto-acoustic systems that can be used to board and transform public spaces. With this rideable instrumentarium we try to open the cities for audiovisual live-experiments and performances in search of widened associative spheres, expanding our and the participants understanding of the public space and its potential.

RaumZeitPiraten Cyclocopter BreitSeite

RaumZeitPiraten - CycloCopter

The term public space sounds like an unfulfilled promise. Restrictive forces seem to work against what could be a sphere of interaction and free communication for a community and all its inhabitants. We just do not know what the public and its places are capable of, that’s why we want to interact and learn about.

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RaumZeitPiraten CycloCopter 2015

Cyclocopter RaumZeitPiraten 2015 Foto: Mark Huetzen

Cyclocopter RaumZeitPiraten 2015 Foto: Mark Huetzen

05-Cyclocopter-RZP-Mark Huetzen
Fotos: Mark Hützen


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